Descendants of William J. Sherwood, Barons, AB.

1-Will Tillie Sherwood

Pictured above are my paternal grandparents Sarah Kathleen Matilda Sherwood (nee) Hunter (sometimes called Tilly Will in Eastern Canada) and William John Sherwood of Barons, Alberta, Canada

Below are the descendants of these two as I have been able to put together.  If you see an error or omission I would appreciate hearing from you.

William J. Sherwood

Son of:
Thomas Sherwood
Mary Wright Sherwood

Brother to:
Bernice Sherwood (Fredric Acheson)
Lillie Maude Sherwood (Daniel McFarlane)
Elizabeth Ellen Sherwood (Joseph Prickett)
Thomas Edward Sherwood (Matilda King)
Mary Bell Sherwood (Robert Samuel Taylor)
James Arington Sherwood (Unmarried)
Margaret Pearl Sherwood (Burwell Charles)
Earl Cecil Sherwood (Unmarried)

Grandson of:
William Sherwood
Eleanor Smith Mustard Sherwood

Husband of:
Sarah Kathleen Matilda Hunter (Tillie)

Father of:
Farley Stanwell Sherwood (Norma Sturgeon)
Ralph Hunter Sherwood (Nora Downey)
Betty Kathleen Sherwood (Chester Allen)
Shirley Eileen Sherwood (James Aiken,Ted Evans)

Grandfather of:
Larry Garth Sherwood (Ninna Sejersen)
William James Sherwood (Daphne Blixt)

Donald James Sherwood (Phyllis Sharp, Joyce Brooks)
Thomas Ralph Sherwood (Ann Coffee)

Kathleen Patricia Allen ( Ian Rae)
Kenneth Chester Allen (Linda Curle)

Great Grandfather of:
Torben Lance Sherwood (Lea Miller)
Sean Carsten Sherwood (Sue Gaspar)

Mathew James Sherwood
Pamela Dawn Sherwood

Rhiannon Sherwood
Mariah Sherwood

Derek Allen Rae (
Kyla Elizabeth Rae

Lisa Kathleen Allen
Christine May Allen

Great, Great Grandfather of:
Samantha Jayne Sherwood
Claire Ryan Sherwood

Evangeline Victoria Gaspar Sherwood

Kylie Jessica Rae
Emily Patrysha Rae

Uncle to:
Edith Acheson

Arington Geo. MacFarlane (Ellen (Nellie) Murray)
Del MacFarlane (Ollie)

Velma Jane Sherwood (Charles Lloyd Campbell)
Alma Matilda Sherwood (Adam Breen Sargent)

Mamie Enid Taylor (Ernest Wesley Allen)
Gweneth Mary Louise Taylor (Eugene Hogan)
Cecil Samuel Taylor (Mary Ann Nancy McDermott)
Donald John Taylor (Kathy Hansen, Ruth ___)

Mary Louise Charles

Great Uncle to:
Lloyd Wayne Campbell (Margaret Elaine Pennock)
Delbert Eugene Campbell (Ina Groenewegen)
Gary Charles Campbell (Cheryl Elaine Leeman)
Rodney Dean Campbell (Vicky Lynne Compton)
Derrick Ian Campbell

Patricia Doreen Sargent (Arthur William Burgess)
Arthur Edward Eugene Sargent (Mary Louise Gesic)
Constance Arlene Sargent (Melvin Hughson)
Dale Sargent

Brian Lee Allen (Patricia Karren Lehto)
Barry Norman Allen (Judith Ann Gibb)

Isabelle Jean Hogan (James Howell)
Nancy Louise Hogan (John Roberts)

John Michael Taylor (Irene Isaac)
Mary Patricia Taylor (Jack Radulevic)
William Patrick Taylor (Lorraine Ledgerwood)

David Cecil Taylor (Jacqueline May)
Cameron Gilbert Taylor (
Christina Belle Taylor (

Great, Great Uncle to:
Barry Lloyd Wayne Campbell (Debra Gannon)
Cindy Lou Campbell (B. Cumpson, Gordon Johnson)

Darrell John Campbell (
Delina Mary Jane Campbell (Nelson Melo)

Great Great Uncle to: (continued)

Dayton Campbell
Curtis Darren Campbell (Amy Davis)
Kimberley Jane Campbell

Sheri Lynn Campbell (John Shetler)
Coralee Jane Campbell (Nathan….)

Brenda Jane Burgess (Darren Tibbutt)
Elizabeth Doreen Burgess
Allen William Burgess

Wade Eugene Sargent
Christopher Adam Sargent
Clayton Edward Sargent
Bradley Allen Sargent

Troy Melvin Hughson

Tracy Lee Allen
Trenton Jay Allen

Brett Norman Allen
Jody Nadine Allen

Michael James Howells

Heather Louise Roberts
Alan Edward Roberts

Meghan Taylor
Scott Taylor